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TBI Majestic Diamond I

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TBI micro, single driver speaker
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The Majestic Diamond Iô, represents one of the finest micro-monitors in in its class. We have developed a first of its type in sculpting the frequency response of the micro sized 3-inch driver entirely by internal acoustic means. The resulting product represents the High Definition Sound Standardô (HDSSô) for a micro-loudspeaker.

The single driver is in theory, the optimal source for reproducing sound but it is generally used with very inexpensive speaker systems and a few high-end designs. Some current audiophile designs are now based on single drivers but the sound, although coherent, has many compromises associated with their use. With modern quality speaker designs a minimum of one additional driver and electrical crossover network are required to produce the full range of sound.

TBI Audio in creating the Majestic Diamond Iô was building on the legendary Majestic Diamond to strengthen its weaknesses. Although this wonderful sounding single driver speaker had all of the attributes of a high-end loudspeaker it suffered from lack of high frequency dynamics and extension. Its coherency more than made up for this weakness but designing a miniature speaker to respond to below 50 Hz was our primary goal. It was said that this was the main weakness of the small loudspeaker and after creating the ideal operating environment for our special designed low FA driver we had accomplished this. We had a choice of using a standard favored driver with high frequency extension but the mechanical methods used to provide extension reduced the musicality and bass extension was not sufficient. With room response to below 50 Hz in our unique ETLô enclosure and on axis frequency response flat to 13kHz the Majestic Diamond was born and introduced to market in 2004.

Audiophiles who heard the magic of the original Diamonds immediately responded by saying why, with such coherent midrange and good bass extension, don't you add a tweeter? Add on tweeters don't figure into a single driver speaker coherency. Why, our engineers said, don't we integrate an ETLô module that favors high frequencies with the main Embedded Transmission Line. Wow! The result was astounding and after careful tuning of this additional Embedded Transmission Line for a precise phase characteristic we were reducing high frequency cone breakup further not only extending the highs but also further improving high frequency dispersion and dynamics using the same single driver. A true breakthrough in loudspeakers!

We now have a micro dimensioned dual ETLô speaker system with high frequency corrective acoustic pressure being generated by the signal itself with no crossover, driver path difference or dissimilar drivers reproducing the same notes. A driver this small can be designed as an excellent tweeter so continuous dispersion right through the upper highs is a non-compromising achievement. A driver this small has never even been considered for bass response right through the lower musical spectrum. An enclosure this small has never been considered for anything seriously musical and entertaining. This breakthrough is worth a celebration so we are introducing the marvelous Majestic Diamond Iô in four unique finishes to fit everyone's dÈcor, lifestyle and budget. Now this High Definition Sound Standardô (HDSSô) provided by the Majestic Diamond Iô can comfort you at home and accompany you wherever you may travel.

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  • Image specificity that is seamless with dramatic soundstaging in all dimensions.
  • Off axis imaging that is on par with on-axis listening sometimes a more exciting position for seating.
  • Does not suffer from vertical blinding, tonality is maintained in any vertical or horizontal position.
  • Dynamic range exceeds that of even larger systems using multiple drivers no compression of peaks.
  • Tonal accuracy that defies the best division of frequency ranges with a phase response continuum.
  • Uses the room to its advantage rather than suffer under the reflective influence as do other speakers.
  • Presents digital sound with analog warmth eliminating the brittle character hiding the musicality.
  • Improves amplifier -speaker interface maximizing the amplifiers performance.
  • Raises the bar of musicality for the average system using typical mid-fi components.
  • Flexible placement without sacrificing high definition presentation.
  • A clear window for all useful audiophile tweaks allowing objective system enhancement for audiophiles.
  • A size that permits high definition sound from all of your digital music sources when not at home.
  • Low volume listening that maintains all of these favorable characteristics - no need to disturb neighbors.

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